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The following paragraphs will suggest a method to finalize a Tolosa computation. A general Tolosa finalization will be presented.

Stopping timer(s)

Firstly, one has to stop the running timer(s). In our case, only the main timer is still running. Therefore, we will only stop this one :

call timer%stop( timerid=timer_main )


For information, Final_Tolosa stops automatically the main timer, this paragraphs only illustrates how to stop another running timer by the end of the computation.

Tolosa finalization

When the timers are stopped, one can begin to deallocate any structures or arrays, and call the finalization subroutine Final_Tolosa. In this case, we will only deallocate the structure containing all the primitive variables and their values by calling the inner unk procedure dealloc.

call dof%dealloc


The subroutine Final_Tolosa will deallocate the mesh if given as an argument in the call, and other arrays (muscl and cell_to_node if present).

When all structures or arrays are deallocated, one can call the Tolosa finalization subroutine Final_Tolosa.

call Final_Tolosa( mesh , timing_file=T )

By default, this routine will write a timing report on screen. In this case, we even asked for a timing file named timing.csv containing the timing report and the performance.


One can desable the timing report writting by calling the routine as : call Final_Tolosa( mesh , withouttiming=T )

!!! Add info on perf_dx , perf_dt , perf_nopart !!!

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