TOols Library for unstructured Ocean models and Surge Applications

Remy Baraille

Coordinator of the project, contibutor to the numerical schemes development as software benchmark.

Fred Couderc

Main developer and architect of the Tolosa software, HPC, contibutor to the numerical schemes development.

Jean-Paul Vila

Main contibutor to the numerical schemes development and models derivation.

Pascal Noble

Contributor to the project overall.

Arnaud Duran

Contributor to the numerical schemes development, especially the explicit versions on collocated and staggered grids.

Sergey Tkachenko

Contributor to the hyperbolized Serre-Green-Nagdhi equations derivation and numerical implemenation in Tolosa-gn.

Victor Michel-Dansac

Contribution to an original 1D model for rivers hydraulics.

Martin Parisot

Contribution to the initial semi-implicit numerical scheme.

Maya Ciavaldini

Contribution to the software development, HPC.

Gael Loic Richard

Main contributor to the model "depth-averaged equations for compressible shallow-water flows".

Audrey Pasquet

Software benchmark and validation on realistic configurations.